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WoHo Quarter – a landscape of the future is ready for you!

Mustamäe tee 3, Tallinn


WoHo is a forward-looking hybrid quarter, in which the inseparable halves of our lives are entwined – home and work. The first phase of the extensive project to be built right on the artery of the city consists of two exclusive 14-storey high-rise buildings and one parking building with 500 parking spaces. The total volume of the buildings to be constructed in 2018 amounts to 36,000m2 and there will be 1,400 smart people working here every day. In the near future, the Woho Quarter will become the most-valued and largest business and living environment of the city, where the buildings and the surrounding green environment will create a unique whole. Modern and well-considered technical solutions will make the living convenient, help to preserve the nature and keep expenses under control. Innovation attracts innovative companies – the first building is the home of the largest telecommunications company in Estonia, Telia. The second building houses an Estonian IT company, Pipedrive, which is in the course of conquering the world. In the five upper floors of the building, there are 49 luxurious apartments with 3.2 meters high floor-to-ceiling windows, of which three are extremely luxurious Penthouses. Delicious meals will be served in the building at the restaurant Fredo.



The WoHo Quarter was designed in cooperation of EKE Invest and Polaria Kinnisvara.

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Tiskre Commercial Builidng – office near home

Rannamõisa tee 38d, Haabersti


The Tiskre Commercial Building will allow the locals to arrive at work by walking, cycling, or skating on light pedestrian tracks. Those driving to work, however, can leave in the opposite direction of the general flow of the traffic and thereby avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. The commercial building is mainly focused on providing a high-quality internal climate, which is achieved by using technologies of the future in the form of novel cooling and heating solutions. Special attention is paid to natural light in the building. In the ground floor of the building, there is an imposing 70-seat meat restaurant, MEAT Resto & Butchery, which serves breakfast, business lunches, and cozy à la carte meat dishes in the evening.http://meatresto.ee/

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Pähkli Kodu row houses in the heart of Tabasalu


The Pähkli Kodu development in Tabasalu, on the corner of Pähkli and Sarapuu Streets, is a comprehensive living environment consisting of three modern row houses, which was designed by the best Estonian architects. The residential premises are modern and of extremely practical layouts and solutions. The buildings are full of light and were built based on the concept of energy preservation. The new building complex provides an opportunity to live in a green and pleasant environment close to the city, where everything needed in one’s everyday life is just a few minutes away. A home in exactly the right location

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Lucca StockOffice – Rannamõisa tee 50c, Haabersti


Lucca StockOffice will be a multifunctional commercial building, in which five neighboring companies can bring their businesses together in one place. An impressive office, a sales room, and a spacious storage room will be located in a close vicinity to one another. The building will be erected closed to the Tiskre roundabout, just a few minutes’ drive from Rocca al Mare and Tabasalu, which will create an alternative for the daily rush hour traffic for the local people and the residents of Harku Parish. The concept of Lucca StockOffice will ensure a comfortable working environment and free parking for the employees, as well as ideal conditions for presenting products to the customers on the spot.

Mustika Villas – huge and exclusive properties in Viimsi Peninsula


The over 3,000 m² plots of Mustika Villas are located in the close vicinity of the sea and just 4 km from the border of the city, in a new residential area in the middle of a pine grove in Mustika Road, Pringi Village. An up to two-level buildings may be built on the plots in the quiet cul-de-sac. The layout of the built-up area ensures a natural living environment with trees and bushes. The scenic bathing beach of Haabneeme and the Viimsi Open Air Museum are just a walk away. On the border of the residential area, there is the modern Laanelinnu Kindergarten and a school and the center of Viimsi are just a few kilometers away. The home in one of the Mustika Villas in the middle of pine trees is ideal for those valuing privacy.

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Vilmsi 7 – a dignified home in Kadriorg


Quite soon, full renovation works on a historical and classic apartment building in Kadriorg will be completed. The dignified house was built in 1913 and is a building of value in terms of heritage conservation. The renovated three-level wooden residential building with a stone plinth will contain eight apartments of a historical spirit, but all modern conveniences. The sizes of the apartments range from 47-130 m². In a number of the apartments, the historical parquet floors, doors, and fancy ovens will be restored.

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Lumina homes in Tartu – a new quality of your life


There will be three modern apartment buildings erected for the new development of Lumina homes. The location was chosen taking into consideration the most important aspects of a high-quality living environment – green nature, vicinity of the city center, and all the conveniences required in everyday life. The houses boast a modern architecture and high-quality, well-considered interior design. All apartments are equipped with large windows and cozy balconies as well as storage rooms on the ground floor and a parking space.

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one of the aesthetically enjoyable buildings at Jahu 4 in Tallinn will soon be reconstructed. The building will consist of studio-like premises. Thanks to the perfect location, the building offers views of the sea and the Old Town is just a few minutes’ walk away.

Hipodroomi Quarter


soon, we will start developing the Hipodroomi residential and commercial quarter. Hipodroomi Quarter is one of the most highly valued areas in Tallinn. The apartments and office premises to be built will offer breathtaking views of the Old Town and the sea.

Next to the building, there is a beautiful, large park, and the beach is less than one kilometer away.